In keeping with CDC protocols and the State of New Jersey directives to combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the U.S.Fish & Wildlife Service has ordered the Visitor Center and Nature Store at the Cape May National Wildlife Refuge to be closed until further notice.

All our scheduled events, programs and meetings on the property have been cancelled to comply with those directives.Our top priority is to avoid congregating in order to protect and safeguard our members, visitors, volunteers and staff.For more information: https://www.fws.gov/home/public-health-update.htmlAlso, the Two Mile Beach Unit will be closed to the public as it is every year at this time due to Environmental Laws protecting beach nesting bird populations and migratory bird populations that have recently returned to our beach.Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to seeing you all in good health when this public health crisis is over.- The Board Members of the Friends of Cape May National Wildlife Refuge 

Cape May National Wildlife Refuge is comprised of three units....

The Great Cedar  Swamp Division is at the northern end of the refuge in Dennis and Upper Townships.  Habitats such as salt marsh, hardwood swamp, bog, grasslands and large tracts of forested uplands are used by wildlife such as blue-winged warblers, ovenbirds, and short-eared owls. The refuge connects with a state forest and the Pineland National Reserve. 

Where in New Jersey is the Cape May National Wildlife Refuge?

The Cape May National Wildlife Refuge is located within the Cape May peninsula, the southernmost point in the state of New Jersey.  Because of its unique geography, the peninsula offers stunning views of sunrise to the east over the water of the Atlantic Ocean, and of sunset to the west over the water of the Delaware Bay.  The Refuge currently protects over 11,000 acres of peninsula habitat in its 3 refuge units: the Great Cedar Swamp Division, the Delaware Bay Division and the Two-Mile Beach Unit. These 3 units represent unique, diverse habitats: forested hardwood swamp, river estuary and ocean barrier island.   VIEW MAP

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Friends of Cape May National Wildlife Refuge 
is an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is:

• To promote awareness of the Cape May Refuge and surrounding natural areas

• To foster public understanding, appreciation and support of the Cape May Refuge and National Wildlife Refuge System

• To advocate for the conservation and protection of wildlife, plants & their habitats in our community for the benefit of current and future generations.


If you see one of our majestic snowy visitors, please remember to maintain a respectful distance of at least 50 feet- The Friends of Cape May NWR have loaner binoculars and a spotting scope available for use at the Nature Store at Two Mile Beach.



Please check out this great article and how you can help by planting certain Flowers they love.... https://choosenatives.org/articles/native-bees-need-buzz/

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Native Birds - Plant Wisely

Native birds, insects and wildlife cannot and will not eat non-native plants.
For the sake of our birds and wildlife, please choose ‘native plants’ for your gardens.
And DO NOT use pesticides or herbicides on your grassy areas!
For more information, check out the eye opening findings and writings of University of Delaware entomologist, Douglas Tallamy.