Two Mile Beach Unit

The Two Mile Beach Unit of the Cape May National Wildlife Refuge is located in Lower Township near Wildwood Crest, along the Atlantic Ocean.This unit offers opportunities to view barrier island habitat, maritime forest, tidal ponds, and beachfront. The unit offers views of undisturbed beach habitat which is used by beach-nesting birds and thousands of migrating shorebirds. The Federally threatened piping plover, State endangered least tern, and American oystercatchers nest on adjacent property and feed and rest on the Two Mile Beach Unit during the seasonal beach closure from April 1- September 30. This unit also offers opportunities to see wintering waterfowl such as American black duck and northern pintail, wading birds such as black-crowned night-heron and snowy egret, and shorebird species such as dunlin, sanderling, and semipalmated plover.

Dune Trail - The Two Mile Beach Unit offers a 0.9 mile trail (1.8 mile round trip) which begins at the north boundary of the Refuge next to Diamond Beach and ends at the south boundary next to the US Coast Guard: Loran Support Unit. The trail traverses behind the beach dunes that host rare maritime forest habitat. Migrant songbirds are plentiful in spring and fall, as well as butterflies and dragonflies. This trail offers two access points midway through the trail, one off of Loran Drive across from the first parking lot, on the right, and another access point from the second parking lot, on the left. The second access point also offers disabled-accessible parking next to a boardwalk which leads to an observation platform overlooking the beachfront. (Please note: Access to the beach is prohibited April 1 to September 30 each year. The trail, however, is open throughout the year). 

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Sorry but dogs are never allowed on the Wildlife Refuge property according to Environmental Laws that protect beach nesting and migratory bird populations. In fact, many of our migrators have recently returned and are looking for nesting. And just a reminder, the Cape May County Two Mile Beach Unit will close to ALL traffic on April 1 for the same reason. However, our off beach trails are open year round. But our dogs are not allowed on those trails either!
Thank you for your concern and support!
Mary Beth Hueter